Here is the new mini-gen...
I spent quite a bit of time on this one and I finally came up with one that I liked.   A great little alternator for experimenting with the wind, stirling engines or what ever you need a small energy plant for.
This is basically a single phase alternator using a single coil in the center and utilizing the flux change through the case to create energy.   It has 8 - N42 neodymium magnets mounted on the prop hub assembly causing the changes through the coil.  Very similar to the basic "claw pole" alternators with the exception this one is an axial flux instead of the common radial flux units. 
It will easily light a dozen bright White LED's with a hand spin.  It comes in kit form with only mild skills needed to assemble it as per the instructions at the bottom of the page.  Below shows a picture of its components...
Even though its small in size it does a pretty good job powering small projects.  The DC output through the rectifier diodes ( included ) with a hand spin will easily reach 12 volts+ and with the voltage doubler (also included ) can produce 24volts and higher with a hand spin and up to 120ma output.  
I've played with a half dozen of these making up small wind projects with the Mini-Lenz2 vertical as well as the prop type horizontals.  Charging small batteries isn't a problem with this little unit.   Below shows one mounted to a mini-Lenz2 wind turbine (not included with the kit )...
The instructions also show how to make a quick set of simple prop type blades that work very well with the unit.  Still a lot of things in the works with them but these are ready now...
The mini-gen kit is $36.95 plus shipping
The kit includes everything needed to assemble the minigen (shown in the parts picture above) as well as the diodes and capacitors to make the rectifier and voltage doubler and the mounting bracket which will work for either a vertical or horizontal wind turbine.  The kit is unpainted.
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( Mini-Gen assembly instructions pdf format 1.2Mb )