Mini-Gen single phase alternator kit
Educational wind turbine kit
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An educational 3 phase turbine kit.  Comes with everything you need to create a 3phase wind turbine.  Great for science projects, learning about 3phase PMG alternators, and alternative energy.  The kit includes 6 very powerful neodymium magnets.  Check it out!
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The original 6 ft turbine with a car alternator and chain drive.   It was changed to the axial Flux type alternator and ended up being much more efficient and powerful.  The chain drive was quite noisey because of the cogging in the modified alternator.  It was in service for about 2 years and is now down for maintenance.  Actually it will be refitted with a new alternator using the new magnets and the blades refurbished.
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The downwind turbine, a very small but quite efficient little unit.   This one was a bit more complicated to build but it features the star/delta controller ( check the link on downwind turbine for more detail)
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One of the original alternator modifications.  This one had a rewound stator and the modified rotor
using Neo' magnets.
Old projects that may be of interest
Comes with everything to assemble it as shown
The Lenz 2 turbine
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