Blade design
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Here are some notes to aid in designing your blades….If you purchased the Blade designer program all the numbers will fall in place.

Blade design.jpg (32039 bytes)

Step 1: Mark out the stations

Step 2: mark width of each station cut out all unnecessary wood

Step 3: mark the drop of each station and draw a line

Blade design2.jpg (16204 bytes)

Step 4 mark the thickness at each station ( both sides) then remove the excess material

Step 5. Mark each station at 38% of station width, draw a connecting line and carve the material to shape the wing. Make sure you don’t cut the line. This will be the thickest part of the blade.

If you don't want to go through all of that you can build a blade from station 4. Using the angle and width and make one straight blade from this. Once the blade is made you can glue angle blocks on the new blade at the angle it will be installed.